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Welcome to Happy Hounds Haslemere!


Jo at Happy Hounds provides you with the training and insight you need to establish a strong bond with your dog.


The most valuable time to start training and socialising your puppy is from as early as 12 - 20 weeks, when they are particularly sensitive to the elements around them. It is crucial to instil good behaviour and eliminate any bad habits early on and important we guide them through this learning experience.


The journey starts with pre-puppy home visits to prepare you with the essentials you will need to puppy proof your home before your puppy's arrival. Once your puppy has settled in we move on to early stage training, starting off with basic commands of sit, stay and recall.


After your puppy's 12 week vaccination, it's time to start meeting other dogs. We hold puppy parties to begin social interaction in the form of supervised, fun playtime! We also invite you to join our group classes consisting of basic training and socialisation in a controlled and enjoyable environment.


 1-2-1 classes will allow us to focus on specific problem areas tailored to your needs. This is especially effective for anxious puppies that require less distractions from other dogs, however all puppies will benefit.



Jo is an experienced dog and puppy handler - turned trainer based in Surrey

"Having grown up on a smallholding surrounded by animals, naturally they became a big part of my life. My journey into the dog world began when I was approached by an animal agency that supplied animals for film and television. My first Labrador 'Mavros' starred in many Ruth Randell murder mysteries. I learned a great deal from my first encounter of training Mavros and thoroughly enjoyed it so joined the agency and became an animal handler for many years working with all types of animals for films and television, from Andrex adverts to Robin Hood Prince Of Theives." 

"I quickly realised that I was a natural so began training my Labrador in gun dog obedience. In 2018 I launched dog walking business and began to implement some training methods with my customers and  found this incredibly rewarding."


"I have since completed my IMDT course (institute of modern dog trainers), the IMDT perfect puppy course, accredited canine first aid and my CHWI dog agility instructor.  

"I would like to pass on my experience to you and share my insights, so you can enjoy life with a happy, content and well behaved dog!"




We recommend our pre-puppy home visits for any first-time puppy parents who need help and advice on what to expect. Jo will meet with you and offer advice on puppy-proofing your home, basic training and behaviour tips. It is important to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your new addition to the family. During the first few weeks before your puppies final vaccinations, Jo will meet you and your puppy to teach you the foundation training to better prepare you to then join the group classes and 1-2-1s. *Best suited a few weeks prior to your new puppies arrival

Pre-Puppy and early stage home visits


*4-6 per group, 1 hr,  available Monday - Sunday 

In the classes you will learn basic obedience, sit, stay and most importantly recall. Young puppies have a very short attention span so training will be split up with bouts of playtime under supervision. During the classes we discuss any specific behaviour problems and how to overcome them. We also look at exposing your dogs to different environments so they are best prepared for adolescence. 

Key Benefits:

Learn basic training whilst having fun / Build your dogs confidence / Mental and physical stimulation /  Small group classes / Safe and controlled environment  / Make new friends  / *Jo uses positive reinforcement methods with plenty of treats and praise

Puppy Group Classes

mother liverspot.jpg


puppy group classes


We offer 1-2-1 training if you need to focus on your dog without distractions. Jo will take you through the basics and show you what you can achieve. The aim is to tackle any problem areas, giving us the opportunity to address the issues early on so we can correct them. 

Group Walks

In order to build a well-rounded dog, your puppy must be exposed to different situations without becoming frightened or nervous. Our group walks provide a safe environment for your puppies to experience new surroundings, noises and people. You can feel comfortable taking your puppy on a new adventure knowing that Jo will be there every step of the way to guide you and implement your training. 


Hoopers is a fun activity for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes! Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels without the tight turns or serious nature of traditional agility classes, making it fun for both dog and owner.

*Low impact on joints 

*Certified Hoopers Instructor 

Hoopers Fun Agility



Brinksway Farm,

Penwith Drive



Tel: 07889182832

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